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Friday, September 16, 2011

Non-RT jobs RTs do

We RTs often do more than what we are trained to do.  We are part of the patient care team and do our part to help out.  Okay, often we are quilted into helping out.  Either way, here's a list of things we RTs often do that aren't RT jobs:
  1. Reset IVs
  2. Help reposition patients
  3. Help change patients
  4. Empty urinals
  5. Help patient use urinals (we usually try to get out of this one)
  6. Help patients on bedpans (again, we usually try to get out of this one)
  7. Help make ER beds
  8. Help patients with food tray/ eating
  9. Relay messages to RN (communicate for patient)
  10. Find TV station they want to watch
  11. Massage patient's feet/ back (we usually try to get out of this too)
  12. Tie up gowns
  13. Fetch cups of water/ pop/ coffee/ cocoa/ tea
Yes there are more.  If you can think of any comment below....



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Anonymous said...

Haha, yes complain in a humble way by commenting to he nurses all about that extra work you do. Massaging a patients feet is part of every ones job, that's like a nurse saying she does extra work beyond the call of duty if she turns the nebulizer off when the tx is finished, just saying...