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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My quest for the absolute truth

So the patient suddenly became dyspneic on exertion and the nurse called the RT to give a breathing treatment.  The RT rushed to set up a treatment and the patient's dyspnea didnt' go away.  So the RT placed a pulse ox on patient's finger and the reading was 77.

The RT went against the nurses wishes and ripped off the treatment and replaced it with a nonrebreather mask.  The patinet's spo2 rushed up to 90 percent and the patient said he felt much better.  The doctor was called to get approval for the mask, and to hopefully do something.

All the doctor ordered was a stat treatment.  The doctor called the doctor back and said, "No offense, but I can't give a breathing treatment to this patient."

"Why?  I ordered it."

The RT said, "If I give a breathing treatment to that patient he's going to go hypoxic and die."

Silence.  Silence.  Silence.  Finally the Dr. said, "Well, keep things as they are and I'm coming in."

Kachow!  The RT said to himself.  Here we are, step one in our quest to the Absolute Truth, the only chance for ridding the world of RATS.  


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