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Friday, June 10, 2011

Test question I will answer

Your RT question:

A physician orders 35% oxygen through an AEM nebulizer to a patient with a tidal volume of 0.5 and a rate of 22 breaths /min. The nebulizer input flow is 10/min. Will this provide a stable FiO2?

My humble answer:  Can I assume that an AEM nebulizer is a venturi mask. It's a high flow oxygen device, so the Fio2 you dial in should be accurate regardless of tidal volume and respiratory rate, so long as your flow meets the patient's demand. In this case, if you read about venti masks on this link, a liter flow of 9 will meet the patient's demand if you seek to obtain an fio2 of 35%. It is okay to go over 9, yet you don't want to go under it. In your example the lpm is set at 10. Thus, the answer to the question would be yes it would provide a stable FiO2.

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