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Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to become a timeless blog

I have found in my three years in the blogosphere that some blogs are timeless. By timeless I mean that the material is extremely relevent to RT Cave readers and will not be removed from my link list no matter what.

Thousands of people start new blogs every day, yet only a small handful will continue to update their blog on a regular basis. I find that it would be poor of me to recommend a blog that has not been updated in over a year.

I say that with exception. For instance, say the blog I'm referring you to is one started by a patient who had cystic fibrosis, and he wrote daily about the struggles of living with this disease. Then he got so sick he couldn't write anymore. This blog, even while stagnant, is still relevent to many of my readers, and therefore will not be removed from my link list.

If you are an RT Student and you write about the trials and trivializations of making it through RT School, and most of your posts are very educational in one way or another, then your blog will be labeled as timeless even after you graduate and stop updating your blog.

However, I find that most RTs and RT students who start a blog do not write relevent material, and therefore when they cease to be updated will be terminated from my list.

For example, RT 101 has been slow to update his blog.  Yet he has outlined his experiences during his tenure as an RT with explicit style, and he paints a great picture of his take on the profession of RT. I will not remove his blog from my list no matter how stagnant it becomes. I know he's burned out and thinking about moving into another profession.

So if you want your RT blog to become timeless like RT 101, you'll have to write very relevent material. You can paint a picture of the profession or your unique experience, or you can provide relevent learning material you've obtained from your teacher. Or you can be creative in some other way.

I find that some chronic lungers start blogs and keep them up only while they are having trouble, and then stop. Yet most tend to start a blog and keep it up. I think this is because they have to live with this disease and it effects their lives.

I don't want to read a boring diary, yet a journal is great. A diary chronicles everything you did during the day: I did this, I did that, I went there. A journal is a place you write what you did, and you add your opinion to it. You add spice in a journal. You can learn from a journal. You can't learn from a diary.

Write about what happens to you and then explain why it happened, and you can become timeless.

How to become timeless:
  • Educate
  • Tell YOUR story in an interesting way
  • Be unique
  • Write well
  • Update with regularity
  • Be honest


Anonymous said...

The "lung links" page with all the blogs on isn't working according to blogger. Would be great if you could put it back online as I'd love to read some of them.


Rick Frea said...

It's back up! Thanks!