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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The solution to RT Apathy

Advertiser: Neurological society of Shoreline Medical Center
Target audience: Respiratory Therapists, male and female
Media: RT magazines, direct mail
Target age: 30-55
Trial run: RT Cave


You're an RT, and you're a thinker.
You often find yourself saying things like:
"So, why am I doing this?
Q4 Albuterol nebulizers are ordered, and you think,
"Is heart failure an indication for this?"
An EKG is ordered, and you think:
"Is a hangnail an indication for this?"
Two hours into your shift you feel it:


The rest of your shift you feel, well, Apathetic!
You find yourself complaining to your co-workers.
Am I dong a good job of describing you?
If so, we have the perfect remedy.

The Remedy!

You're one of those respiratory therapists who says to yourself, "So, why am I doing this?"
You often find the answer is, "there is no reason!"
Thus, you find you are running around ragged for no frickin reason.
It's completely understandable,
and you definitely are not alone
the solution is a...
That's right
a complete disiction of the respiratory thinkum

So I was running around ragged all day doing breathing treatments that were only ordered so the hospital could get reimbursed. I did EKGs and ABGs ordered not because a doctor wanted them but because...
I know longer care
My lobotomy cured everything
I now love my job
Get your lobotomy scheduled today
The waiting list is long
so call now


1 comment:

K. Scott Richey said...

Hilarious post.

It reminds me of the House episode “Ignorance is Bliss” (Season 6, Ep. 8)
Where the guy (who’s a former child prodigy) is miserable and lonely, so he dumbs himself down by taking large amounts of cough syrup daily.

Thank you for keeping it real and voicing the prevalent side of our profession.

I wonder how many RT’s feel like taking the cough syrup or the lobotomy?