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Thursday, April 14, 2011

RT Cave #7 on list of top RT Twitter users

I received an email today informing me of this list that shows the top 8 RT bloggers who also use Twitter.

I think it's neat that I even made this list considering I do this as a hobby to entertain myself and have no alterior motives. I also think it's neat that I am the only blogger on this list not affiliated with a major RT magazine.

This I think is significant, because I'm the only blogger who does not get paid for his efforts, and does not have the backing of anyone else.

I now have 138 followers of my twitter account, and all of those folks (you perhaps) found me, I did not do any recruiting. I guess this means I'm doing something right. It's a neat little nitch I've found.

It's also neat because I pretty much use Twitter as a means to save my favoirite posts I would like to reference in later posts I plan to write. Yet readers -- like you -- have found the articles I put on Twitter useful. So I guess in this way we use Twitter to help each other out.

It's been really busy lately at my work, and I also have an 8 month old who is crawling all over the place, and a two year old who likes to sit on my 8 month old, and I also have a 12 year old who loves to play catch, and a 7 year old demanding attention. So you can see time to sit here at this computer is limited. It's simply a hobby. I do it for fun.

And any success I have here, however minimal, is through hard work and passion on my part. Yet more important, it's because of you.

On a side note, my blog has also hit the 500,000 page click mark. While this is small considering some bloggers get this in a day, it's significant to me considering I'm just a solo RT having a little fun.

Again, I owe all my thanks to you guys.


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