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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will expired asthma medicine hurt me?

Your RT Question: My 1 year old baby had cold and cough. Doctor gave her medicine and ventolin respirator solution to use with nabolizer 0.3 ml . By mistake i didn't saw the expiry date the solution was alredy expired and now im woried as she inhaled it pls help.

My humble answer: Allow me to help ease your mind. I have on a few occassions used old and expired respiratory medicine and nothing bad ever happened. I did some research on this recently and learned as time goes by the medicine loses it's potency, yet it does not become hazzardous to your health. You can use old and expired asthma medicines, they just don't work as well. My experience is old and expired Albuterol works just fine, although the taste becomes pretty horrid. I can always tell if Albuterol is old by the taste -- kind of like rotten mints (although not close to as the normal taste of Aerobid).

So don't worry, your child will be fine.


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