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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Argh!! A stupid doctor????

So I was teaching a class on neonatal resuscitation which so happened to have an array of doctors in attendance. So I thought this would be a prime opportunity to educate them about one of the myths about using 100% oxygen when positive pressure breaths are required on neonates.

So, I told this to one doctor. Then I set up a scenario where he was handed a blue and not breathing baby and told to use his skills to save this baby. When it came time to giving oxygen, he said, "I don't' care what the new studies say, ha ha ha!!!! I'm going to give 100% oxygen to all my neonate patients. So, give 100%!"

What do you do when that happens but smile, and cringe, and hope this doctor never has to take care of one of my kids.

1 comment:

Rick Frea said...

I have to make my own comment here. I should have failed this doctor. By passing him I am guilty of enabling.