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Friday, December 17, 2010

RTs might be the smartest of s-m-r-t

I said, as I read the order for Q5 hour Xopenex on an RSV patient with clear lungs who didn't need to be admitted but was, "That kid don't need no frickin treatments."

"You say that about all treatments," the RN supervisor said.

"That's because there's no scientific evidence treatments treat anything but bronchospasm."

Sometimes I wonder if it's just RTs that questions stupid doctor orders. Is it just RTs who wonder why things are ordered without scientific evidence they do any good?

Is it possible the smartest of the medical profession are your humble RTs?

In lieu of the evidence, I'm obligate to assume this is so until further evidence reveals otherwise.

So, congrats fellow RTs, you're apathetic because you're of the smartest lot. In fact, I think it was Ben Franklin who said, "I'd rather be the dumbest lot on earth than the smartest person with no one to have an intelligent discussion with."

I wonder if he had RTs in mind when he said that. I doubt it, but it makes you think doesn't it.


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