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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking for up to date lung blogs

Hey folks!

Once again this year I plan on updating my links page for the New Year. This tends to be one of my more popular pages as many people yearn for the wisdom of people with similar interests as them.

I will update the following links:
  • Respiratory Therapy blogs
  • EMT blogs
  • Doctor blogs
  • Nurse blogs
  • Asthma blogs
  • Chronic Lunger Blogs (COPD, CF, etc)
  • Lung Wisdom Blogs and Websites
  • Etc.
I think it's important to keep these links updated because people want to read only sites that are updated on a regular basis. So the only qualification for placement on my link list is the following:
  1. Updated or recent post within the past 3 months
  2. A valid reason why no recent postings
Obviously the classic blogs will make the list. Some of you guys I've gotten to know quite well in the 3 plus years I've been doing this. Yet there are some bloggers who start a blog, write for a while, and are never heard from again. These are the ones I will be deleting from my list.

There are also many great blogs out there that I would love to include on my list that I am unfamiliar with. If you write a lung blog or read a blog you feel my readers would be interested in, feel free to email me and I will include it.

If you have a lung blog that's already on my list and you haven't written a post in a while, there's no better time than the present to start clicking on the keyboard.

If you have a valid reason for not updating, that's great, just put a note on your blog or send me an email. I don't want to give up on any blogger because I know I have blogs out there I haven't updated in a while and for good reasons (like this one).

So I'm fair.

Lets see. How about if I make the deadline January 1, 2011 at midnight.

However, anytime during the year you want to include your name on my list just let me know. Yet due to family matters and work I can't guarantee when I'll have to make updates during the year.

Perhaps in the future we can make a contest or something.
Here is the present blog list. I've already had some inactive bloggers inform me they are now active, so this will all be included in my knew links.

Thanks. Rick.


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