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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My social gaff

So I'm attending administrative meetings now from time to time. If only they knew of my ulterior motive of ending bronchodilator abuse by insidious means they might not allow this. But my secret is safe here with you.

It's kinda neat, cause I get to dress important. You know, suit, tie and all that jazz. I don't think I'm any different with that stuff on, but someone told me I gotta look good.

So, today was my third meeting, and, considering I don't wear a watch, I'm thinking I'm running late. So when I got to the board room (yes, we get to meet in THE board room, leather chairs and all), the double wooden doors are shut.

Well, your humble RT didn't think anything of it, and he just charged right nt, smoothly (or schmoodly as I like to say). I didn't recognize any of the 16 people in the room as they were chatting discordantly, yet I proceeded to take up one of the chairs around the table.

It had never occurred to me even then that this was a meeting that had run over. No one looked at me awkward or anything like that. And I just sat there and leaned back in my chair like I belonged. It was kinda cool actually.

Then some big wig said, "Well, meeting adjourned." That was when I realized I made a boo boo by entering this room. Yet I just stayed put, leaning back in my chair, one leg crossed over the other in my usual equanimitous manner.

As these folks shuffled out, folks I recognized shuffled in. So I got up out of my comfortable position and grabbed some grub. You know, any meeting with important people (like docs) has food, which is one of the perk to meetings like this.


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kerri said...

Hahaha, I love it! Well done on playing it cool, though! ;-)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!