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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vitamin E may prevent COPD

Researchers had suspected for some time now that supplementation of Vitamin E might help reduce the risk of COPD and heart disease, and results from a new study confirm this.

In fact the study, conducted by researchers at Harvard and Cornell, shows the risk was reduced by as much as 10% in both smokers and non-smokers.

According to the article, "The researchers believe vitamin E could be used as a component of a COPD prevention strategy. Vitamin E is a known anti-oxidant with numerous functions in our bodies. It helps to prevent age related diseases including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, signs of aging. Smokers are known to have higher levels of oxidation occurring in their bodies, due to their exposure to cigarette smoke."

One expert noted that, ""As lung disease develops, damage occurs to sensitive tissues through several proposed processes, including inflammation and damage from free radicals. Vitamin E May protect the lung against such damage."

Pending further studies, COPD experts may some day soon recommend taking vitamin E supplements to prevent COPD, especially those who might have the COPD gene (asthma gene).

It is my thought that some day newborn babies will have genetic testing done, and doctors will know what diseases they are prone to get. If the COPD gene is found, preventative measures can be taken.

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