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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tips for dealing with the heat

As I noted in an earlier post, asthma and COPD and humidity don't always bode well together. When the heat is scorching, and the humidity high, it's good to have some tips to help you get through the day (or the entire summer as was the case in 2010).

The COPD information forum offers these tips:in t

1. Stay indoors whenever possible
2. Turn on the air conditioning
3. Drink plenty of fluid. It's important you stay hydrated.
4. Exercise in air conditioning, or early in the morning when it's cooler
5. Keep taking your meds as prescribed
6. Wear sunscreen
7. Keep your rescue inhaler on you at all times
8. Keep your nebulizer available at all times
9. Make sure your medicines don't run out
10. Spend time swimming at the beach or in a pool
11. Do not overeat
12. Do not cook indoors
13. Do not take long, hot steamy showers
14. Do not use humidifiers (humidity makes the air you breath thicker and harder to breathe)
15. Dress light
16. Avoid deep fried or fatty foods
17. Avoid pop and beer
18. Avoid drinking too much alcohol in general
19. If oxygen dependent, make sure you carry your lightest equipment
20. Know your asthma or COPD action plans

Here's some more tips.

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