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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

21 Virtues of Respiratory Therapy

So I wrote earlier about Ben Franklin's 13 Virtues to his success, and how he believed anyone who followed these virtues would be bound to successful lives. That in mind, I've created a list of 21 virtues to becoming a respiratory therapist.

The following virtues, or personality traits, are required of all respiratory therapists.:

  1. empathy: You have to show some sort of understanding of what the pt is going through
  2. priority: You have to be good at arranging tasks by priority
  3. acceptance: you have to be able to accept that of which you have no control over
  4. punctual: You have to pay strict attention to time, and never be late without good reason (yet you must never make excuses).
  5. honesty: You have to prove to others that you can be trusted
  6. transcendence : Going above and beyond the call of duty. Exceeding expectations
  7. political: Know when to speak and when to keep quiet and bite your tongue
  8. candid: You have to be open honest and straightforward with patients, doctors and nurses. This has to be balanced with political.
  9. cooperation: You have to be able to work with a team to attain a greater purpose
  10. perseverance: Regardless of setbacks you trudge forward, even if your boss or a doctor scolds you, you don't let that set you back
  11. decisive: Coming to a quick resolution, answer or solution
  12. Friendly: Get along well with people
  13. Reliable: You are dependable to get your stuff done.
  14. Confident: Knowing what you know and not hesitating to do it or say it
  15. Competent: Being efficient at the few tasks you're expected to perform
  16. Creative: Ability to fix equipment problems in unique ways
  17. Insightful: Ability to see the unseen
  18. Proactive: Ability to use unsightliness to solve a problem before it occurs
  19. Observant: Ability to see what is obvious.
  20. Communicator: Ability to share what you know, learn and think.
  21. Listener: Ability to comprehend what other speak
  22. Equanimity: You must be the calmest one in the room

Word of the day: Pertinacious: Persistent, tenacious, unflagging and assiduous commitment; holding tenaciously to a purpose, course of action, or opinion

A pertinacious respiratory therapist is the one who gains the most respect.


airwaygirl said...

this alone just made my whole night :) If only other staff (RN's,doc's etc) knew this list like we did :)

firman said...

nice post.. respiratory disease is dangerous..