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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ventolin linked to EKGs

A patient who came in with palpitations had low voltage on his EKG, which historically is indicative of either COPD or obesity. However, due to low voltage, the ER physician ordered that a repeat EKG be given. The RT student inquired of the doctor why a second EKG was indicated, and the doctor looked at him funny.

The student later inqured his fellow RTs regarding this manner, and the following is the response he got:
"Another indication for low voltage on the EKG is because you're thinking too much. If you think too much your brain requires extra voltage to continue functioning, and therefore the brain has to draw some of the conductivity off of the hearts charge. One of the side effects of this is cardiac arrhythmias. The course of this process is non-continuous, and repeat EKGs are indicated.  To resolve this problem the physician will want to order 0.5cc stopthinkolin. Exact methodology unknown."
Perhaps this is the reason small town RT departments ended up with EKGs as a procedure. We may never know.

The Ventolin-types list has been updated. Click here for more.

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