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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Setting up vent on pediatric

Guidelines for Set-up of Servo for Pediatrics:
  1. Pt Range: Pediatric (if ideal VT greater than 40cc or less than 400cc)
  2. Mode: PC if less than 10kg, otherwise PRVC
  3. VT: 5-7 cc/kg post-term to 14 YO
  4. PIP: Not greater than 30
  5. PEEP: Start 4 – 5 CWP
  6. FiO2: 5 – 10% above pre-intubation adjust to maintain desired SpO2.
  7. Rate: Normal for age
  8. I-time: a. Maintain I:E of 1:2
  9. I-Rise time: As appropriate for patient to create pseudo sign wave.
  10. PIP limit: 2-3 greater than PIP (other alarms as appropriate)

For a printable cheat sheet with this information and more, click here.

For a cheatsheet on setting up ventilator for neonates, click here.

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