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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crease in ear, RLD, linked to CAD?

I read there was a link between restless leg syndrome and cardiac disorders. I have also read that there is a link between a crease on the ear and cardiac disorders. Whether these are true or not I have no clue, yet my observations on the matter have me convinced.

Every time I have a patient with coronary artery disease, or any symptoms of heart failure, I look at their ear lobes to see if there is a crease there. Most often I find that there is a crease on their ear lobes.

So, now, as I travel to McDonalds, I can't help myself but to look at the earlobes of all the customers. Sometimes, I find that crease on half the middle aged customers, all of whom are eating fries and a high calorie, high fat burger.

Why coronary artery disease would cause a crease in the ear is beyond the imaginations of the world's best doctors. Yet, why restless leg syndrome is linked to coronary artery disease makes a little more sense, as you can see by this video/ article here.

Either way, I bet this is good information for doctors, who, as they observe the crease and take note of complaints of restless leg syndrome, can start to investigate for cardiac disease as well.

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