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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The impressive nurse

Erica was a relatively new nurse, and I had actually gotten annoyed with her before because she keeps calling me to give breathing treatments on patients where none are needed. Once she called me to give a treatment because, "the sat's only 89%."

However, oppinions are meant to be changed. A "Code Blue!" page rang out overhead, and I rushed to OB. As the code on the neonate progressed, I was getting tired of bagging and doing CPR. Then Erica showed up and joined in the rotation of bagging, cpr and rest.

She was so impressive, so calm, that I figured she had to be an old pro. Later, after the emergency was over, I approached Erica. She said, "That was the first code I had ever been to, and it just happened to be a baby."

I said, "That was your first code! Holy cow! You were so calm and cool and did such an awesome job I was sure you had done this many times before. I am very impressed!"

Nurses like this are definitely teachable, and fit onto our team well. I also think it's a good thing to compliment our fellow workers on a job well done, even if the outcome isn't what we expect.

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