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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dr's Creed: Bronchodilators now lowers Fever

The following might seem like nonsense to thinkers like you and me, but the Real Physician's Creed teaches doctors otherwise. Heed, what follows is surreptitious wisdom previously shared only with physicians.


Section B7

A study performed by the Dr's Creed Association of America, and in association with the University of Michigan, provided a nearly conclusive conclusion that all post-operative patients that develop a fever should be provided with bronchodilator therapy.

The study included giving 2,000 post-operative patients at four key hospitals in the State of Michigan a bronchodilator if they developed a fever. Care providers for these patients eventually noted normal temps eventually, and the patients all eventually got better and were discharged.

Therefore, based on this study, we recommend all post-operative patients who develop a fever be given a bronchodilator.

Now, it has been noted that some respiratory therapists complain that a placebo of normal saline should have been given to 2,000 different post-operative patients who developed a fever to see if those patients would have eventually gone home too. Although we Docs know that would have been a wasted of time and money.

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