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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your RT Queries

Every so often I check my statcounter to see who's typing things into Google or Yahoo and being linked to my RT Cave blog. Assuming the queries were not answered, I provide in this spot each week my humble responses.And, hey, if the query is comical, it deserves a comical response. If it's serious, I treat it as serious. That in mind, here are this weeks queries:

1. respiratory therapist funny poems: I wrote a bunch of facecious RT poems once. Here's the link.

2. do nurses need to listen for lunch sounds after albuterol?: Does a pig poop in the woods?

3. do respiratory therapist experience more burnout than nurses: Nurses work just as hard as your humble RTs, and I believe they become equally burned out.

4. allergies causing asthma and restricted airway: Seventy percent of asthmatics have allergies. So, in the case you have allergic asthma, the things you are allergic to may be one of your asthma triggers.

5. respiratory therapist burn unit: I have the utmost respect for any RT who works in the burn unit. I can't imagine a place I'd want to stay the farthest away from.

6. cannot fake obstruction on pfts: You cannot fake COPD and asthma. A PFT cannot be faked. Sure you might be able to fake an FVC, but you will not be able to fake the FEV1. For more information, check out my PFT lexicon.

7. respiratory therapist day shift: I'm nervous about this, but your humble RT Cave RT is going to days.

8. dr orders cpap with home settings when patients in hospital: Good idea. I think it's best for patients to use their home bipap so long as they are not critical. This is equipment they are used to, is more comfortable, and doesn't have all those annoying whistles.

9. charting lung sounds: This is a good idea.

10. respiratory therapy breakthroughs: If anyone reading this blog knows of something new that we all could benefit from, please share.

If you disagree or agree with my opinion feel free to leave a comment below, as we are all entitled to an opinion. If you have further comments or questions, feel free to write it below or email me.

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