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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bronchodilator defenders

Some RTs Will defend useless treatments tooth and nail. They don't want to believe their livelihood is based on doing something that has no value, no purpose, and no scientific benefit to the patient -- and that spreads germs.

For now on we'll call these RTs bronchodilator defenders. They, like many doctors, believe a bronchodilator is of benefit to any lungsounds they find that are annoying. They also feel as though they are doing something to help the patient, when they might as well be nebulizing water for most of them.

The FDA has now made a recommendation that all doctors stop ordering nebulized medicines and, with the exception of exacerbations of COPD and Asthma, an MDI be used instead. The purpose here is that the patient will inhale the mist, and exhale the mist with H1H1 virus attached. Basically, we nebulize h1n1 all over the hospital.

Yet, even though the admins here made the recommendation, I have not seen any fewer nebulized medications in this hospital. I'm telling you, the reason is because even if the nebulized medicine isn't doing anything it makes the doctor feel like he is doing something.

Another reason is that doctors falsely believe that nebulized form of Albuterol is somehow better than that inhaled by inhaler. All studies I've ever seen show MDI with spacer is just as effective. These doctors don't care about studies.

I bet some doctors actually think nebulized Ventolin prevents patients from getting h1n1 in the first place.

These doctors are bronchodilator defenders. They use their hoax, nonscientific theories to prove to themselves they are doing what is right.

Yet, in the end, they're wasting money and spreading germs. How's that for real science?

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Yo mama! said...

Albuterol as a defense against H1N1, please don't spread that nasty rumor. Yikes!

and this is the very reason I always wear a mask when giving any Pal Albuterol Treatments.