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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So far I do not like days

Well, I worked my first day shift today, and by all means, I'm not so much impressed. The people I would say are fine, yet the procedures I was forced to endure were of the sorts that could easily be done by a high schooler.

In the four hours I've worked so far I've done 11 EKGs. Thus, in general, I am so far an expensive version of an EKG tech. Not much for using the good old brain. Not much for doing some real work. Just in the past four hours alone I've done 11 EKGs and five not-indicated breathing treatments.

I suppose there will have to be a transition period of which I'll have to get used to days. Perhaps I'm still sleep deprived. Crap. The beeper just went off, and the ER wants me to do another EKG. This is not for me. If this is what working days is all about, I'm going to be back on nights in the next week or so.

Well, just got paged that another repeat EKG will have to be done at 8:00 p.m. This sucks. I guess I've worked night shift so long I got used to the easy life, and have been too far removed from the high school work I no longer like doing it.

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