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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thoughts of living long

When my 1-year-old girl is 40 I will be 80. And I think how fast my 40th birthday is approaching (I'll be 40 in January). That 80 years will be here in a heartbeat.

I think I want to be here to lend a hug and an ear to not just my daughters and son but my grandchildren. I imagine I'll have some by then. Perhaps that's the greatest incentive to eat well and exercise and live well.

Perhaps I ought to print this post and tape it to the fridge so I can be reminded of this incentive daily, because it sure isn't easy to eat right, exercise and live well.

I mentioned this to my dad who is 66. He said when he turns 80 his youngest daughter (my sister) will be 40. So, dad is in the same position in a way as me. The only thing is, when I turn 80 my dad will be 106.

I wonder if we'll be in the same nursing home by then. That wouldn't be so bad, because my dad's pretty cool. He seems to always know how to find fun. Perhaps his daughter and granddaughter can visit us regularly.

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