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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The most important aspects of life

The religious say you don't need material items to be happy in life. They say those who are rich and who continue to seek more wealth and material items are the least happy. The older I get the more I value that old wisdom.

As an RT I'm not able to provide much for my family, at least not as much as some of my neighbors. While I have a great family in a nice new neighborhood, I can't afford a new camper, 2 new motorcycles, a huge camper, a new lawn and monthly fertilizing of it, the best toys for my kids, daily golf outings, and yearly upgrades on my house.

I have none of that. I'm not saying I don't want it all, but I can't afford it unless I packed it all on my debt. However I've been advised against that.

I'm not saying I'm taking the frugal route because I'm religious, because I'm certainly a flawed person (aren't we all?). But it is the religious who will say it's funner, wiser, and better to take the frugal route for no other reason than it teaches you to appreciate and value the most important assets in life -- life itself and people.

Perhaps this is why you'll see this humble RT lying on the front lawn on a blanket with his baby absorbing not rays because his daughter cannot be exposed to the sun yet, but simply the time well spent enjoying the warm weather and appreciating not just the weather but the wisdom of a good book. And, most important, time with the wife and children.

After all, no one on his death bed wishes he purchased more stuff. And one rarely hears one saying he regretted time well spent appreciating the most important aspects of life.

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