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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here's 33 reasons you'll want ot be an RT

So you're thinking about being a respiratory therapist. Here are 20 reasons this is the right profession for you:
  1. You want to work in the medical profession but you don't like poop.
  2. You don't mind working with spit and goobers.
  3. You enjoy a good conversation.
  4. You have a good sense of humor.
  5. You have a friendly disposition
  6. You get irritated easily with stupidity.
  7. You have the grit to keep your mouth shut when your wisdom is not wanted
  8. And the courage to speak up when your wisdom will help a patient.
  9. You can handle being on your feet for 12 hour shifts.
  10. You like flexible hours and lots of days off.
  11. You like the rush and challenge of a cardiac or respiratory arrest.
  12. You can handle seeing bones and brains and at least tolerate bagging over vomit.
  13. You enjoy the satisfaction knowing what you did gave someone a chance.
  14. You enjoy the rush of a busy emergency room.
  15. Or the challenge of making a critical decision
  16. Or working with complicated breathing machines
  17. You enjoy learning new RT Wisdom.
  18. You like drawing and interpreting ABGs.
  19. You don't mind doing EKGs (usually a job of RTs at smaller hospitals)
  20. You enjoy working with nurses and doctors to the benefit of the patient.
  21. You love educating patients.
  22. You can handle being swamped one minute and slow the next.
  23. You don't get frustrated every time your beeper goes off.
  24. You can handle talking with frustrated or irritated physicians
  25. You like having time to surf the Internet.
  26. You like eating three meals while getting paid
  27. and you enjoy eating candy bars, cookies, cakes and other treats
  28. You want a recession proof job
  29. You want a job that is easily portable
  30. You like having the freedom to roam entire hospital
  31. You enjoy gossiping.
  32. You like watching TV while working
  33. You like blogging and playing on Facebook or Twitter.

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