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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a hoax folks: Hoaxanex

I had to share this with you guys. The following was an email sent to me by a fellow RRT. 
In the meantime, feast your eyes on his latest revelation of truth:

My term for Xopenex is “Hoaxanex”.

The only plausible reason to give/advocate Xopenex is that one believes that the inert isomer isn’t really inert---but is instead pro-inflammatory. A Trojan Horse of Inflammation if you will.

Could it be that in the past every Bronkosol/Alupent/Terbutaline/Abuterol tx we gave to a newly diagnosed asthmatic kid was, while temporarily relieving the bronchospasm, only instilling more and deeper inflammation?And so many RT dept.’s tout how they have reduced their Q4 tx load down to TID and prn. But, as we know, HHN over-ordering is so over the top and beyond the therapeutic range. Along comes TID Magic Beans and desperate RT’s grasp at it. They played our profession.

Meanwhile asthmatics in a study breathed HHN tx’s with ONLY the inert (pro-inflammatory) isomer version of Albuterol. If the inert isomer was so pro-inflammatory as to allow HHN reduction from Q4 all the way down to TID….one would then expect that having asthmatics breath only that vile isomer would send them into outright bronchospasm, some needing on-the-spot intubation, etc.


I showed this to this to my coworker, the infamous Jane Sage, and she sent the following email:
I knew this drug was a hoax all along, I just wanted the free pizza and breadsticks that the drug reps brought in! How was I to know that the 8 and 10 year educated physicians would buy into such a clearly manufactured glot of research and propaganda that the drug company flooded the offices and er's with. And to think that I trust my gallbladder and aches and pains to these doc's. Yours, Jane
Of course it's also a hoax that it is stronger than Ventolin and has fewer side effects, but that bit of falsified information was needed to brainwash all us folks -- that and the free food and drinks.
I'm going to file this under humor, although it's really not.
I've added this to my Ventolyn types. Please check it out by clicking here or the tab above.

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Anonymous said...

Now maybe im imagining it and maybe its because it corresponded to the fact that we switched from flovent to advair and added zyrtec syrup to her regimen (zyrtec, singulair, veramyst and advair) but when the doc switched my 4 yr old from albuterol in the nebs to xopenex she seems to be less..Hyper after them. But as i said i wonder if thats not just the lower dose, it does seem to work just as well for her but that as i said may be due to the more effective/aggressive treatment of her asthma. Would be curious to know your thoughts....