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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two well respected doctors discuss health care

After the code in the critical care unit I was standing behind the nurses station listening to the anesthesiologist and the Internist discuss how much they hate President Obama. I did not participate other than to say:

"You better not say that in front of Susan." Susan, of course, is the CCU RN who was in charge of the patient we just coded.

The Anesthesiologist said, "I think he is wrecking the country."

The Internist said, "I voted for him, and I think he is doing a terrible job. He's not doing what he said he would do when elected. He is trying to solve all the world's problems."

"I'd have to agree."

"And now he wants to screw up the health care system. You would agree that we do have the best health care system in the world do you not."

"I do."

"The only problem is not the health care system, but the cost. The government has made some stupid laws in the past that make it too easy to sue doctors. Because of this, we doctors have to order procedures that often are not indicated."

I was shocked they were saying this in front of me. I stood as still as a deer hiding in the woods during rifle season hoping they wouldn't figure I was standing right behind them.

"I mean," the Internist said, "He's trying to solve all the world's problems, to rush all these bills through Congress, when it's not even possible that he nor any one else has even read the bills. This is what you call anarchy. I say this and I voted for him."

The anesthesiologist said, "I don't see why you are surprised, because he's doing exactly what he said. But I completely agree with you he is rushing too much too fast."

Susan arrived at the station, and the discussion stopped on a dime.

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Morgan said...

Hey thanks for your comment! Your header looks great!

And great blog too! Being an asthmatic, it's extremely relevant!