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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shouldn't have been, but t'was one of those nights

Just to give you an idea of how my night went last night I'm going to post here my tweets from this morning.

  1. Finally a night with no patients on the floors, but unfortunately Dr. letsordertxsoneverone is working in the ER
  2. Since when does croup get treated as asthma. I'll have to do some research on this. She orders Q30 Xopenex for stridor? Huh?
  3. now the croupy kid is going home with a nebulizer. Talk about wasted healthcare resources.
  4. I don't think Dr. Q1 has a clue what she's doing. This is getting to be a joke. And they want me to take my job seriously.
  5. I almost lost my cool when that last order was written. I did if you count rolling eyes at Dr. Q1 as loosing coolness.
  6. They have to beg to get Dr.s to come here to this small town. That explains why we have to put up with reject Dr.s who have no clue


Unknown said...

OMG... I sure can relate...but I'm sure every R.T. can. I REALLY hate when they give every patient with a "cough" or the sniffles at HHN tx f/b an MDI to go home with. I've actually approached the "M.D." and she actually told me with a straight face. and I quote.. "I know, I know they're not wheezing but I have to do something". What a waste of our health care system. I know I'm ranting but it drives me CRAZY!!! What if patients came in with a cough and we gave them.. oh, I don't know morphine, or lasix..etc... Albuterol is a drug folks get a clue. Sorry for the outburst.. but I do feel a bit better :)

Rick Frea said...

Terri, speaking of morphine "just because", you ought to check out this article about Ativan Nebs: