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Monday, May 11, 2009

Breathin Stephen's greatest accomplishment

Those who have been reading my blog know I've been following the Antics of Breathin Stephen, the hardluck asthmatic. He's our severe, persistent asthmatic who, despite his yucky lungs, continues to keep active.

While he's not faster than a speeding bullet, and not able to leap tall buildings, he is able to participate in marathons, including the crem de la creme of marathons: the Boston Marathon. In fact, not only did he participate in the Boston Marathon this year, he crossed the finish line. That's 26 miles on bum lungs. Amazing. Superman-like.

He's a true inspiration to all of asthmatics that anything is possible, no matter how out of control your asthma is.

I promised I'd give more detail about his feat at the Boston Marathon. So, without further adeau, I would like to provide you with a full account of his amazing feat. Click here and you can read all the detail about Breathin Stephen and how he competed the Boston Marathon.

(To get a little more back story about this asthmatic superhuman, click here. You'll be impressed at how much he can do with his brittle lungs.)

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