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Sunday, April 12, 2009

MCAT question #35

I cannot reveal my source, but I once again am privy to esoteric wisdom. The following is a question I have obtained from the Medical College Admission Exam (MCAT):

You are home taking a cat nap when your phone rings. You pick up the phone when a respiratory therapist identifies herself. She says, "Mrs. Hone in room 232 has been on treatments Q4 hours for two weeks. She has not had trouble breathing in two weeks yet she's still on treatments. Can we change the treatment to as needed?

What would be the most appropriate response?
  • a. feign anger
  • b. tell the RT you respect her opinion and order the change
  • c. Keep the order the same because you know the next treatment might be the one.
  • d. Keep the treatment the same because Ventolin prevents an amalgamate of diseases no matter what those pesky RTs think.
  • e. Kindly thank the RT for bringing this to your attention, and change the order to Q3 hour IPPB.
  • f. All of the above
  • G. Any of the above will do except b because RTs are stupid dummies unless there's an emergency

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