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Monday, March 16, 2009

Quitters are counterproductive

I have been writing lately about things that are wrong with the RT Cave. However, you must remember that I have also written in the past about reason I love my job as an RTs (click here and here).

I say this because some people have emailed me, or left comments on my posts, about how if they worked for a department run as ineptly as the RT Cave they would quit. However, I am going to state here that this is exactly what I will not do. I will not quit. I cannot quit.

Besides, if you click the links above you will see there are too many good things to walk away from.

The management at Shoreline can be tough at times. They like to put people who make mistakes on the spot and make them accountable for their actions. They like to make us aware of our mistakes (however minor) so we become better. And although their methods of doing this may be flawed (are flawed), the cause is noble.

There have been people in the past who did not have the courage to withstand the scrutiny, and they are since long gone. They were the quitters. They were the soft skinned people who would prefer working some place where no one is held accountable.

Or perhaps they quit here and are now working at Sunny Flats. You see, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. But some people don't realize that until after they make a life altering decision. They, as they say, burn bridges.

Likewise, to quit a job one loves because one disagrees with management from time to time would be foolish. It would mean a major life changing experience. Unless you live in a major city, it would mean either driving 2 hours to work every day and being twice as tired. For me it would mean moving the family and taking my kids out of a school they are comfortable with and putting them in a big city school.

I'm sure the kids would be fine by the move, but I'm not willing to make such a rash move. My kids have great friends, live in a great neighborhood, and have a good home life. What kind of dad would I be if I put my occasional irritation about some things that occur at work interfere with this.

Besides, my level of happiness is not determined by other people, it is not determined by my work, it is determined by what happens at home. Work is a nice place to spend my time, but it is not more important that what happens at home. Some people, however, live and die by what happens at work.

Quitting my job would solve nothing. Quitting my job would only make the problem worse. It would be no better than a conservative leaving the United States because he hated President Obama. It would be counterproductive. It would only make the problem worse because the problem would go unresolved until another person with a stronger spine came around.

In fact, if all the people who saw problems in the healthcare system years ago wouldn't have run, perhaps the entire healthcare system wouldn't be in crisis today.

Work is work. Most of RTs do this because we enjoy our jobs. We have fun as best we can. We appreciate that most of our ancestors worked hard and got dirty on the farms and worked un-Godly hours. Yet they had no bosses other than the money they earned to feed their families.

We work three days a week, take care of people as they come in and feel joy in helping them out. Unfortunately, some bosses and some fellow co-workers like to make even the simplest job complicated. They try to make it so that you do everything their way. They don't want you to be a free thinker.

In my opinion, if you tell people they always have to do it your way, you're assuming you are always right. And that is not "always" the case.

No where on this Green earth are we humans ever going to escape the rigors of other personalities, money, or ignorance. Those things will be everywhere we go. Some personalities are stiff and rigid. Money is needed.

Ignorant people are sometimes envied by people like me because they simply go to work, collect a paycheck, and then go home without questioning ignorant decisions made by others. In fact, they don't even see things as ignorant. Yes it's true ignorance is bliss, but you can't say that to the ignorant.

Unless we want to live our lives as miserably as the people pent on dragging us down to their level, we must put our heads up and face the future head on. Perhaps a new protocol is on the horizons, or a positive change. Something that will never happen if we all jump the fence.

When I was a kid I remember going with my dad to his work one day. On the way to work dad
was silent, and I knew it was because nobody was buying his product lately. He was worried. Yet, as soon as dad and I walked into his business, his secretary said, "Hey, Bill, how ya doin today?"

Dad said, "Absolutely wonderful."

The secretary smiled and dad made his point.

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