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Thursday, March 5, 2009

20 facts about asthma

Here are some interesting facts about asthma:
  1. The majority of childhood wheezers do not have asthma. They are called "transient wheezers."
  2. 95% of children with persistent asthma still have symptoms into adulthood
  3. 60% continued to have persistent asthma characterized by acute episodes and interval symptoms
  4. The remaining 40% the asthma seemed to be less troublesome in adult life
  5. The average life expectancy of mild episodic asthma should be the same as nonasthmatics. Right now this is 80 years.
  6. Only 10% of asthmatics develop severe asthma. That comes to less than 1-2% of the population.
  7. A near fatal asthma attack consists of a PaCO2 of >50, need to be ventilated, or arrival at the hospital with altered consciousness or unconscious.
  8. Nearly all cases of asthma related deaths come as a result of asphyxia and not a cardiac arrest.
  9. In most cases, rapid administration of oxygen will prevent asphyxia (which is a severe lack of oxygen).
  10. Most fatal asthma attacks do not occur in the hospital. Most patients who reach the hospital with an intact central nervous system survive.
  11. Most fatal asthma attacks occur because the patient delayed going to the hospital. A major problem here is denial.
  12. Asthmatics with a near fatal episode have an increased likelihood of having a fatal attack in the future. This is why very close contact with your doctor is essential.
  13. Most asthmatics who suffer a near fatal attack are severe asthmatics, mild or severe asthmatics who didn't take their medicines as prescribed, delay in seeking treatment, and those who are taking large amounts of beta agonists regularly.
  14. Fatal Asthma does not care how old you are, nor what sex, nor what color or race or creed.
  15. Mild asthmatics can die of fatal asthma, but mostly due to improper care or delayed treatment.
  16. There is no evidence that Albuterol increases the risk of a fatal asthma attack.
  17. Use of Albuterol as the sole treatment may possibly contribute to fatal asthma, but probably due to lack of inhaled corticosteroids to manage chronic inflammation.
  18. Boys are twice as likely to develop asthma than females, but the exact reason is unknown. Studies show boys are more likely to have a positive allergy test, to show more bronchial hyperresponsiveness and appear to have different patterns of airway function development.
  19. Socioeconomic status and asthma fatality are inversely related. Or, poverty and asthma fatalities are linearly related.
  20. African Americans have an increased incidence of asthma than whites. Socioeconomic status may be a factor, but recent studies show higher IgE serum levels and prevalence fo bronchial responsivemenss in blacks as compared with whites.
The above facts come from a book called fatal Asthma.


Amy said...

Great information, and linked. ;)

Trauma Junkie said...

Great info, Rick! I enjoy these type of posts.

I agree with all of these. My biggest thing is, if you're having to use your "rescue" inhaler several times a day and you're aren't taking any inhaled corticosteroids, you should be.

Anonymous said...

this is not good info because your contradicting yourself 1st u say fatal asthma doesn't care for what race then u say African Americans are more likely to get it its like wtf?

Jeffrey Nolan said...

African Americans have a slightly greater chance of getting asthma, yet all asthmatics have an equal chance of developing asthma. Makes sense to me.