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Friday, February 27, 2009

New Ventolin prolongs life -- forever!!

Another usage for Ventolin was discovered by a highly intelligent doctor here at Shoreline Medical today. His name is Dr. Howard Fakename and the new version of ventolin is called KeepMeAlive'olin.

This is a med that has an Atropine, Epinepherine base in it that keeps the heart beating... beating... beating. It also has a Ventolin base that keeps the patient breathing... breathing... breathing.

Pretty neat hey. I have a patient right now on Q4 KMA'olin. He is a frequent visitor from a nearby nursing home who has no signs of respiratory distress right now.  But he does have faux pneumonia (a diagnosis that is reimbursable).

The patient has MS, and has indicated to me he no longer wants to keep living.  However, because his family does not want to let go, and the doctor is aware of this, the patient keeps getting KMA'olin to prolong his life.

Dr. Fakename is currently in the process of writing a paper on the life-prolonging qualities of Ventolin. Yet you have heard it hear first. The medicine is KeepMeAlive'olin.

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Anonymous said...

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm ?

Ah, but aint it the truth.

Great Post!