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Friday, February 13, 2009

"If THAT person can be an RT, so can I"

The first edition of the RT blog carnival "A Source of Inspiration" will be released today on the Surviving RT School Blog. As soon as it is released you can get to it by clicking here.

Since the theme was "Surviving RT School," it reminds me that there was a certain technique I used to survive RT school. Honestly, other than as a patient, I had never set foot in a hospital before. There were no doctors or RNs in my family. I only chose RT because of my past experience as an asthmatic.

There were many brilliant RTs and RNs I met while I was a student. And there were many brilliant RT Students I went to school with, but there were also a bunch of students in my class who were not so brilliant. And there were some RTs and RNs who seemed less than stellar.

So, as I started the RT program, I said this to myself often to motivate myself: "If THAT person can be an RN, I most certainly can be an RT."

Now, having been an RT for over a decade, I truly see the wisdom in that quote. There are definitely some RNs, as well as some Drs, and even some RTs, who tend to make the rest of us look good.

And, once you've been in the field long enough, you will know exactly what I'm referring to. Then again, I imagine you could adjust that quote to fit just about any career.

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