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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A similarity between RTs and the mail person

What does a mail carrier and an RT have in common? The answer: they both have to waste their time doing wasteful procedures at the expense of spending quality time with customers.

That's right. The RT spends a majority of his time doing useless breathing treatments and EKGs, and the mail carrier has to spend a majority of his energy and time delivering junk mail.

I bet you never thought of that before, but that's why you read this blog so I can keep you up to date on nonsense like this and you don't have to waste your valuable time

The News reports that a former Raleigh male carrier was arrested and charged for his failure to deliver junk mail. He was fired and fined $3,011 for his crime against society.

Although society really has no problem with his crime, as stopping all the junk mail is something most people applaud. But, since it's his job to deliver the junk that nobody wants nor needs, he had to pay the fine.

But he didn't pay the fine, because his lawyer got a package in the mail with a check for $3,011 to pay the fine. It appears a website, like a majority of America, applauded his attempt to get rid of junk.

In an interview, the post reports that the mail carrier said, "He didn’t hold onto the mail as a personal stance against junk mail, but because he couldn't’t handle the growing workload and still give the personal attention to those along his mail route."

Hmmmm. Sounds kind of like a little RT problem. He can't take care of his public because of junk mail, and we RTs can't take care of our public because of junk treatments. The people of Raleigh rallied to his cause, but I don't suppose anyone will rally to the RT cause.

I thought this was interesting anyway.

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Intubate Em!!! said...

Nice comparison. I can't believe how much of our day is wasted on crap, when we could actually be helping & educating people.