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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lots of snow to trudge through today

Six inches of snow yesterday, freezing rain last night, compounded with another ten inches of snow last night meant there was no school this morning. This turned out to be a great day to have off as the kids enjoyed playing out in the snow.

And your humble RT enjoyed getting his snowblower out and blowing snow. Of course before I cleared half the driveway the blower stopped blowing, and I was forced to shovel the rest. Ten minutes shoveling and I barely made a dent.

Still, it was such an arduous task I'm going to consider that my workout for the day.

It also makes me appreciate modern technology in all its glory, and appreciate all the hard work of our forefathers.


Wendy said...

Welcome to winter!!

Genevieve said...

Yuck. We haven't gotten anything like that yet. It was actually in the 40's today south of Cleveland. Wow.

Hey btw- I have a news station here that may be interested to telling my story. I really hope that someone will be listening that could be strategic in getting me better.