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Monday, December 22, 2008

I was interviewed. (No not by the Times!!)

My RT Cave blog has become so popular thanks to my RT Humor, particularly my list of 101 uses for Ventolin (otherwise known as my list of 'olins at the bottom of this blog), that I was recently interviewed by a world interviewer.

Well, you might be thinking: "Wha-!!! You were interviewed by the New York Times!"

I wish. I was interviewed by a blogger who writes stuff far more useful than anything in the New York Times. (Does anyone read the times anymore? I hear they just laid off another 500 workers.)

Anyway, the Trauma Junkie and I got together recently. He picked my brain, and I picked his a little. He's an RT student who's mind is not superannuated from years of service as an RT, and therefore I swear to God I learned twice as much from him as he'll ever learn from me.

I always feel that way when I have an RT student. I learn a ton from them. You want to know the latest RT Wisdom don't ask a superannuated RT, ask a student and he will know. I'm being serious here. All the latest RT Wisdom will be known by RT teachers, who in turn share it with their students -- for free (well, for a fee).

Well, that in mind, keep in mind that when we got together it was at 4:00 a.m. (That's in the middle of the night when delirium first sets in). I just want you to keep that little bit of wisdom as you are reading my humble answers to his highly intelligent questions (especially number 11, of which I totally botched.)

Speaking of question #11 of which I botched; totally misunderstood; had a blond moment. Tomorrow on this Blog I will give you the answer I should have given the Trauma Junkie.

So, that in mind, click here and I will morph you over to the Trauma Junkie's blog where you can read his interview with me.

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