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Monday, December 15, 2008

Be careful seeking advice

One must be careful when seeking advice
Not to seek it from the one who is bored
Or someone who's had the job a while,
And is burned out.

That was a mistake I made twice.

I really wanted to be a teacher.
I asked the teacher:
Would this make a good career?"
"No!" he grumbled. "The pay is poor."

I decided to be a counselor.
I asked the counselor:
"Would this make a good career?"
He said, "No! The pay is poor."

So I went to journalism school,
I learned great writing skills,
I learned I loved to write,
but I hated being a snoop.

So I quit and went to RT school.
I think fate drove me this way,
but I'd have made a good teacher,
and a good counselor too.

The moral: It is good to heed the advice of experts, and follow one's own heart.

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