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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Firefighters of Kindergarten

I went with my daughters kindergarten class to the fire department today, and boy was that entertainment. It seems like all field trips by kids that age are entertaining, but the fire department beats them all.

Firefighter Bob said, "This morning we had a call to a house that was on fire. Fortunately no one was inside the house and no one got hurt. The fire was so big that leaves outside caught on fire and the sides of the houses next door were melting. It's our job not just to put out fires, but to prevent other houses from burning.

"So, boys and girls, what do you do if your house starts on fire?"

All the children in unison chanted, "STOP! DROP! ROLL!"

"Yes," Bob said, "And once you are outside you STAY OUTSIDE! And you go to a safe meeting zone."

Hands rose.

"Okay, I see you have a few questions. "

Boy #1: "Um, what happens if it's on fire outside?"

Boy #2: "You know, I was thinking: what happens if the firetruck is on fire?"

Boy #3: "What if every house was on fire?"

Boy #4: "Do you have a fire poll?"

Boy #5: "If you did have a fire poll, where would it be?"

Boy #6 "Are there ever going to be firefighters on Mars?"

Girl #1: "My house burned down today, and I didn't know how to get out so I died."

Girl #2: (This girl had her hand up for 5 minutes) "Oh, I was just stretching."

Girld #3: "Oh, I forgot what my question was."

Girl #4: (This so happened to by my daughter) "My dad has a friend named Scott."

There was a five minute break for laughter.

Right about at this point a real call came in. There was a car fire. "Wow! In all my years doing this we have never had a real call with kids here. So, I can't show you guys the firetrucks today or the smoke shack."

The kids thought it was cool watching the firetrucks drive off. Funny thing is, they didn't seem phased at all.

Since the bus wasn't returning for another 20 minutes Mr. Noodle took over for firefighter Bob.

"Okay, so any of you guys have any questions?"

Hands rose. The questions were similar to those above, "So, what would you do if all the police stations blew up?"

"Okay," Mr. Noodle said, changing the subject, "Firefighter Bob went to a car fire. What's the biggest danger when a car is burning." Hands rose. "What is it that is in a car that makes it go?"

Kid #1: "A key."

Kid #2: "A steering wheel and a seat."

Kid #3: "Wheels"

Kid #4: "Metal."

"Okay, I think we're getting a little off subject. It's gas. Gas makes a car go. Kari, you have a question?"

Kari cheerfully said, "My dad bought gas once. I watched him. He put in in our car."

"Well, kids," Mr. Noodle finally said, "The bus is here."


Trauma Junkie said...

That's too funny.

Mine's 2. Part of me can't wait until she's old enough that I can go on field trips with her, but part of me can.

Glenna said...

LOL! that's fantastic! I love your daughter's line: my dad has a friend named Scott.

I love kids before we get their filters installed.

Mad Asthmatic said...

Nearly fell off the sofa loaughing here!!! kids just come out with the most classic lines. You just can't help but luv em.


The Frozen RT said...

The best part was that I could hear my own boys asking these questions. I think it's the big trucks that make them seem so cool, even to us big kids.