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Sunday, October 26, 2008

KIDS??? Then it's the non-smoking section

My wife and I took the family out to eat this past weekend. Well, considering she's pregnant we've been doing that quite a bit recently.

"Do you want smoking or nonsmoking?" the greeter said.

"Definitely not-smoking," my wife said.

"Oh, well, we don't have any available right now. It will be a five minute wait."

"No problem," I said, "We can wait."

Just then a person who looked to be of a higher authority, and of aparent choreric personality, walked over and stood by the greeter and said, "Ask them if they'd consider sitting in smoking."

My wife intervened, "Do you even need to ask that question when a person has kids. If a person has kids it's non-smoking."

That's all that needed to be said.


my-rt-life said...

I agree.

If an adult wants to smoke, that is their choice...but kids and especially unborn babies whose respiratory systems are just beginning to develop, shouldn't be exposed to it.

keepbreathing said...

Congrats on the pregnancy. And yeah, if it's kids, it's no smoking...why would they even ask?

"Evening folks, we were wondering if you'd like to dine with your children in our special Carcinogen Section. We include a nasty cough and chronic bronchitis for free with your entree."