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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A hunting camp vacation

Well, folks, I'm going to hunting camp today, so I will not be doing much blogging the remainder of the week. I will have a new entry coming up on my asthma blog, and when that comes up I will let you know.

Otherwise I will try to have nothing but fun at hunting camp.

Note that I do not hunt. Note that I don't think there has been one deer in our camp in the 28 years I have been going there.

Basically, this is just an excuse for the men in my family to get away from life for a while.

I had an interesting thought earlier today. A friend of mine told me she gets together with friends for a weekend of sewing and imbibing.

So, I thought, what is worse, women imbibing and then playing with needles and sewing machines, or men imbibing and playing with guns?

As I told her, I think the answer is obvious. And that is probably why the hunting part of hunting camp has been phased out in the Frea family.

Well, I hope you guys have a good week and don't miss me too much.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun!