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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

With the new daylight savings time we get to take the kids trick or treating in the daylight now. That's probably the biggest trick, considering it's hard to tell which houses are participating.

After about an hour the kids got tired. After we took my 5 YO back to the house I said to my 10 YO, "Hey, if you want to go back out and get more candy, I'll go with you."

Man I would have LOVED if my dad had said that. When we were kids it seemed like our parents always wanted to quit long before us. In fact, I remember running house to house way ahead of my folks. And we always got BIG bags of candy.

My son said, "No, dad, there aren't many houses left anyway."

"WHAT!" I thought. "You are a kid and you are choosing not to go out for more candy. What is this world coming to."

I guess my kids aren't as excited about candy as I was. Perhaps candy was harder to come by during the 1980s as it is today.

But that's not necessarily true. When I was a kid and I went hallo weening, my parents used to let me take my tricks back to my room where they stayed. My wife and I put all their candy in a bowl and only allow then 1-2 pieces a day -- if that much.

So maybe kids are simply more health conscious today. Or, perhaps they are just so used to sitting in front of electronics that doing a little walking -- being competitive for candy -- is simply too much work.

Still, it was a fun trick or treating with my own version of Bill Clinton, big cow and a newborn cow.

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