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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Answers to your web queries

What follows are web queries that lead someone to my blog, and my humble responses.

1. how we know bipap is failing: By observing the patient, checking ABGs, checking SPO2s, ETCO2, etc.

2. respiratory therapy for dummies: I could write this book.

3. do hospitals use oxygen or air to give ventolin? Either or.

4. drink albuterol: Pinheads do this.

5. how much does a respiratory therapist get paid: Not enough.

6. which is more effective mucomist by itself or mixing with albuterol: Never give Mucomyst by itself as it can cause bronchospasm. It should ALWAYS be given with Ventolin.

7. doctor of respiratory therapy: Doctors get so much more respect than RTs, but doctors also have a lot more stress and responsibility.

8. albuterol pneumonia: Why? Albuterol is a bronchodilator and does not go into the alveoli. It does not remove fluid and it does not reduce inflammation.

9. i drank lamp oil by accident what will soothe my throat?: If you drank this you best go to the ER, because you will probably be in respiratory distress. Chances are, if you wrote this, you did not drink it.

10. is beer bad for copd patients: Yes. It dried out your lungs.

11. full code patient: If your loved one is a full code patient, then if his heart stops we will do whatever it takes to try to revive him -- regardless of his age, regardless that he is terminal. I think it's crucial that you consider advanced directives before it's too late.


my-rt-life said...

That's interesting. I wonder how someone could accidentally drink lamp oil...

Actually, I think I'm going to steal this idea from you and post some recent web searches that brought people to my blog. I use FEEDJIT ( & and it tells me all incoming and outgoing traffic, including what they searched for to arrive at my page.

Freadom said...

Go for it. It's fun.