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Thursday, September 25, 2008

RTs demand TVs in the ER

If RTs ran the world, there would be a TV in every room where RTs had to give a breathing treatment.

It's nice that on the floors I can go room to room giving treatments, and if my patient is out to lunch I at least get to watch TV while I'm standing around waiting for the treatment to get done.

So why do we not get this same luxury at other RT stops during the shift. Back in the psyche unit they don't have TVs for a good reason, but what is the reason not to have them in ER?

If ER were used the way it were intended -- for emergencies -- TVs wouldn't be needed. But, since 80% of our patients are sitting around bored waiting for something to be done, a TV would come in handy.

And since 90% of the treatments we RTs do in ER are on that 80%, it would be ideal to go room to room doing treatments and watching different TV shows like we do on the floors.

Yet, since RNs were in the world prior to RTs, ERs do not have TVs. At least not where I work.


keepbreathing said...

We have TVs in some of the rooms in the ER where I work. The rooms with the TVs are usually where we put the whiny people who are only sort of sick. The really sick or the not sick at all don't get them.

my-rt-life said...

When they expanded and remodeled our ER like a year and a half ago, they put a TV in every room. We used to just have them in the minor care ED, but I think every ED room has them within the exception of the trauma bays.