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Friday, July 25, 2008

My turn to do stupid

I'm quick to criticize doctor's and nurses when they do stupid things, so tonight I have to do the fair thing and criticize myself.

The door to the elevator swung open, and lying on the floor of the lobby was a man -- not moving.

"What's going on here," I said, rushing to the man's side.

"He came to the desk, said he took too much Xanax, and collapsed," the front desk clerk said.

I shook the guy, yelled at him, and he made no response. I checked for respiratory rate, and he didn't appear to be breathing. I checked for a pulse, and found nothing.

"Call a signal!" I said to the desk clerk.

The nurse showed up seconds later, and showed me off. "I have a good pulse right here, radial."

So we live and learn.

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