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Monday, July 7, 2008

I am inspired by my readers

I didn't really have a lot of patient on the floors last night when I worked, but ER was absolutely swamped. I was paged down there at one point to do "Several EKGs." When I arrived, I found there were seven EKGs for me to do.

"We're running a Blue Light Special on EKGs tonight. Anybody else want one?"

Finally around 3:00 in the morning ER gave me a break, and I needed to find something to entertain myself. I was way to tired to write anything intelligent, so I did an IceRocket Blog Search to see who was talking about the RT Cave, if anyone.

This is not something I do on a regular basis, but I was pooped out after working the entire 4th of July weekend. With all the vacationers we have in this town, I'd say about half of them were right here in our ER. Oh, and of course they all needed an EKG and a treatment.

So, I found that a story I wrote a few months back called, "The five different types of COPD patients," was posted and being talked about in a couple COPD community websites. I thought this was so cool.

One such website was COPD International. It was really cool reading all the nice comments about this post, and my blog in general. I will be honest here: I expected when I started this blog that I might get some fellow RT readers. But I never would have guessed in a million years that I would acquire a following of patients.

To me, the fact that patients find entertainment in my RT humor, or useful information from my insights and informative posts, brings me great joy.

Here is my favorite comment: "Thanks Annie most interesting I went to the source and what a wonderful site. Kind of like being behind the door. If you know what I mean."

Kind of like being behind the door. If you know what I mean.

What a cool comment. I might have to steal that and use it in my header, if I ever figure out how to make one that's cooler than what I currently have.

Here's another cool comment: "I'm glad you went to his blog, Madblue. It IS interesting to see this disease from a care giver's point of view...especially from one who has been trained to help COPD patients."

I guess I never really think of it this way. You know what I mean? I write because I love writing. I write about things I am passionate about. I write because there are things in this career field that are great, and then there are things that could be better.

And, if I wasn't optimistic that change were possible in the RT business, I probably would still continue to write on this blog, because there is a certain amount of knowledge base in my head, in all our heads, that others can benefit from.

The fact that I discover that people are reading my blogs and then posting my writings on other websites because they are entertained by what I write, is an absolute honor for me. It inspires me to keep writing.

So, I suppose, by me writing this post, I am saying Thanks.

And that, my fellow readers, is the thought of the day.

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MaryAZ said...

Wow! You will find it amazing what a small world this big cyberspace can be. I also am a member of COPD International. I have not been reading there recently and did not see the reference to your blog. I did just pick it up by some Google Alerts that I receive. I will read further now.

Do continue to write. COPDers are always reading good input. Over time traffic to your blog will increase as it is passed on to others. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. MaryAZ