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Friday, June 13, 2008

A note to my readers: A disclaimer

I am the kind of person who loves to have all the facts on the table, whether I agree with them or not, and from there I like to make an educated decision. Of course, when it comes to respiratory therapy, I have my own personal experiences to consider too.

I would like people to consider this as they read this blog. From my own observation as an RT, I see many times a breathing treatment is ordered for reasons that I think are stupid. But that does not mean that I do not do the treatments when I am ordered to do them.

Likewise, while I have often had qualms with doctors leaving COPD patients on 2lpm when their sats are in the low 80s, I have to leave the oxygen on 2lpm if that is what the doctor has ordered. Doing otherwise would more or less cost me my job and my licence.

That said, I still like to keep up on the latest scientific research and theories. If nothing else, I can question the doctor to have him tell me to go stuff my opinion in a closet. That's fine. Or maybe we can slowly but surely educate people as to new theories.

I have succeeded here too. We here at the RT Cave have finally convinced our RT bosses that a protocol is needed, and we will in the near future start the process of obtaining one. This is one small step in the right direction.

However, as our director said, a protocol could backfire on us. It could make our workload go up. It could also make our workload go down and force the bosses to lay off RTs. Who knows.

But that is exactly why we do not endorse any one particular theory here at the RT Cave, we like to learn and to discuss. That's what this blog is about. We like to come up with new ideas. I like to come up with the latest information.

And then we can consider them, and even debate them in the arena of ideas, of which this blog is a part of.

And that is why I blog. I do not blog to convince you guys that I am right all the time. I am smart enough to know that many of you probably disagree with me a good portion of the time. That's fine.

Thus, when I write about the hypoxic drive theory, and set forth facts to support it and some to prove it is not true, I do so in an effort to educate myself first, and, as a result, I like to share what I learn on my blog, and you guys can maybe learn something too.

I also like to share my experiences. In my opinion, I may be right and I may be wrong. And when I'm wrong, some of you guys are quick to tell me. You are also quick to tell me when I write something that doesn't make sense. Cool.

The fact is, I've learned from your many comments and emails too. After all, I don't have an editor here to tell me when I don't make sense. I don't want one either, because then this would be a job and not just a hobby.

And while I try to be as factual in what I write as possible, and while I am always 100% honest and humble in my writings, I am just a blogger. I am a respiratory therapist with a brain, plenty of experience, a great education, a desire to learn, and a passion for writing.

But please understand that I am not a doctor and I am not a scientist and I am not a researcher and I have never participated in an experiment in my adult life, nor do I do them. I am, as my banner states, a humble RT.

Yes, and it doesn't help that I'm an asthmatic too, so I have an opinion on breathing therapies and medicines from that perspective too. In this way, I have plenty of empathy for my patients. And, as you have witnessed from some of my writings, that certain touch of stubbornness some of us develop.

I want you guys to take what I write about here and discuss it amongst yourselves, to enrich your knowledge base, and to further your studies. Or, you can use it as simple entertainment.

I never did put a disclaimer on this blog as other bloggers have. So, I suppose, I will make this my disclaimer.


Amy said...

ITA agree about blogging's contribution to the world of ideas.

I swear I'll stop doing this, but here's a link unrelated to this post re: the cat. (just don't show it to your kids)

Freadom said...

My wife and I had a discussion about that article a while back. Still no cat.

Amy said...

LOL...not only do I not have pets, but I'm SO not a cat person. Thankfully, no one here is, either. They're trying desperately for a dog.