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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here is a case study for you guys

After Dr. Krook assessed the mild-SOB out-of-town smoker who so happened to be camping at one of Shorelines parks, he ordered 3 Q-20 minute treatments. How does he know that a second or even a third treatment will be indicated when I haven't even given the first and reported the results?

Later, before she or I even went into the patient's room, Dr. Krane ordered me to do Q1 hour breathing treatments. Upon assessment the patient was was a smoker, but her chief complaint was mild dyspnea and a cough and nasal drainage. What's wrong with this picture?

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Amy said...

Completely unrelated, I love your bumper sticker idea. Maybe we should get t-shirts with the same message for all the asthma bloggers, lol.