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Sunday, December 2, 2007

This is why I am proud of my job as an RT

Where I work there are only two of us who work nights on a regular basis, so about 8 years ago we got together and tinkered with our schedule. We created the ideal work schedule for the both of us.

My schedule works perfect for a family man, because every other week I have six days off in a row -- it works out like a mini vacation.

I do have to work a four day weekend every other week, but it comes right after my six off, so I'm usually well rested. Basically, I'm four on, two off, two on, and then six off. It's the kind of schedule most people only dream of.

If I want to take a longer vacation, usually all I need to do is take off the two day stretch in the middle of the week and I have ten days off. I usually do this three times in the summer. Last summer I added the days up, and I had over 50 days off in June, July and August. How's that for cool

One of my coworkers likes to say, "I work so I can get days off." I love that line because it rings so true where I work.

Yesterday Carrie and I both had off, and we went to the Big City where my family were to meet for our annual Christmas party. I come from a family of six, so getting us all together is very hard these days, especially considering we are spread out all over the state. But, despite the weather forecast of freezing rain and strong winds, we all made it but one of us.

We all had a blast, despite the fact we only had 2 hours to spend there before we had to get going . We wanted more than anything to beat the weather. On the way back the roads started out nice, and continued to get whiter and whiter and narrower and narrower and darker and darker, and I kept driving slower and slower.

By the time I got to Shoreline county I was driving 40 mph, and snow was falling fast. At times it was a complete whiteout, but I kept moving forward hoping to get some view of the road. It was rough, especially with daughter getting impatient in the back seat. It's not easy keeping a tied in 4-year-old entertained in the car.

And, it never fails, that even when you can't see the road and you're driving slow, some trucker passes you going what seems like 100 mph spewing snow and slush into your windshield making it nearly impossible to see. I'm amazed I've never seen one of those guys wipe out in front of me.

Today KK wanted to go outside and make a snowman, and I wanted to take her out, but it rained for most of the day. So instead of going outside I played Super Mario Baseball with JJ, and later played an amalgamate of games with KK. I don't know if my kids will ever appreciate all the time I'm able to spend with them.

When I was a kid (I hated when my mom always said that), my dad worked 10 hour days at his business, and then he came home to eat dinner, and then he left to work on his apartment houses. When he managed to get a day off to spend with us we really appreciated it. My job allows me to spend lots of time with my kids.

I hope they still appreciate it.

Well, I still have three days to go. Carrie is working right now, and she'll work again tomorrow. So pretty much it's just me and the kids until Tuesday. That will be my night to go to dinner or a movie with Carrie. I'm really looking forward to that.

You can't beat this. This is one of the greatest of all the benefits of working as an RT at a small town hospital.

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Unknown said...

That sounds great. I work where there are only 2 of us who mainly do the night shift and I think the way you do it is great. Could you give me a sample of how a 2 week split would go? We do something like this: work tu we th, off fr sa, work su mo, off tu we th, work fr sat...then repeat. I would love the 6 day off stretch.

Oh yea we got hit with that snow ice crap to. Not fun snow.