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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Super RT

I came into work today and saw that there were 15 patients on the board. Then I sat down to get report and "Respiratory therapy stat to ER!" rang out over head.

I yanked off my sweatshirt and left for the emergency with Jane Sage.

"You look like superman there.," Jane huffed on the way, "You pull off your hooded shirt and now you have your Super RT suit on."

"Yeah, I feel like superman here sometimes," I said, "RTs are useless dummies unless there is an emergency. What's the old saying, 'In case of emergency break glass.'

Upon entering the ER we were told we were needed "promptly" in room 76. Jane entered first and I was right behind. The patient was a 10 YO boy lying supine in no respiratory distress. Jane listened to the boy while Dr. Carr asked questions to the parents.

"Do you need anything from respiratory?" Jane casually asked the doc as she plucked the stethescope from her ears.

"No, I think we'll be fine," the fine doctor said.

"Wow," I said behind the nurses station, "You guys sure know how to wake us up." The nurses back there laughed. "I'm all pumped up now."

"Well, I'm sorry to make you rush down here," the secretary said, "but the pager system was down. I was told he was having trouble breathing."

"He was," one of the nurses said. "He just got better fast."

"Hey, no problem," Jane crooned, "The next time you need the Super RTs you know who to call."

So what started out looking like it was going to be a rotten night, now doesn't look so bad at all. While we have many on the treatment load, most of them are prn and not indicated or are Q4 and refusing.

I think many RTs might be worked up and stressed about now, but with my Super RT ability to prioritize, I get to sit here while I wait to check on all these patients at 10. And, if these patients are as fine as what I was told in report, I should have plenty of time for all the fun things us Super Night Shift RTs get to do.

Of course I'll keep my ears pealed for the sound of the Super Beeper that chimes when someone is in need of the many services provided by the Super RT.

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